What happens if the device name on Nebula doesn't meet the System Name rules?

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If the device name on Nebula does not meet the System Name (SysName) rules, the system name synchronization will not be applied.

Nebula will remove unsupported characters from the device name and check if the output of the first 63 characters follows the rules. If the output violates the rules, the device name will not be applied as the SysName.

To successfully apply the synchronization, it's important to ensure that the device name adheres to the SysName rules as below.

SysName rules:

  • Follow the standard SysName format: [Hostname] or [Hostname.Domain name].
  • The device name should be less than 64 characters, with the first 63 characters considered as the SysName.
  • Only English letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) are supported.
  • The hyphen (-) should be in the middle of the hostname and each sub-domain.
  • The domain name should follow the standard DNS structure (A.B.C.D).

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