Can applying certain features to the SSID prevent it from broadcasting?

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Yes, applying unsupported features to the SSID can indeed prevent it from broadcasting. So, please refer to the device function table available at this link and ensure that only supported features are checked for your SSID.

Typically, the following unsupported features may cause issues:

  • The application of WPA Enterprise / Captive Portal for SB models (NWA50AX/ NWA5AXE/ NWA50AX PRO)
  • The use of NAT mode/ Layer 2 Isolation features for SB models (NWA50AX/ NWA5AXE) when the APs have not been upgraded to the 6.29P1 version or above. These features are supported from the 6.29P1 firmware version onwards for SB models. Therefore, upgrading to this version or a later one can resolve the issue.

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