What is Cloud-Saving mode?

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What is Cloud-Saving Mode?

If you are using the Nebula Base Pack and no one logs into the organization for 30 days, Nebula will switch to Cloud-Saving Mode. In this mode, Nebula doesn't monitor and poll device network activities except for the following information:

  • Gateway WAN IP status
  • Gateway Interface status
  • Gateway VPN connection
  • Gateway, Switch, and Access point event logs

Why use Cloud-Saving Mode?

Monitoring and polling Nebula devices will consume a little bandwidth on the user side. Cloud-saving mode was designed to save network bandwidth on the user side which can be used for other network services. Nebula Cloud Center could also save more storage at the same time to ensure that Nebula could sustain service quality and provide a better user experience.

How can I turn off Cloud-Saving Mode?

There are two ways to turn off Cloud-Saving Mode:

Method 1: Upgrade to Pro/Plus Pack

  1. Click the "unlocked" button to go to the License & Inventory page.
  2. Click on "Purchase license".
  3. Then, please follow the step-by-step guide here:

Method 2:

  1. Click the "here" button on the top banner. A pop-out window will appear.
  2. In the pop-out window, switch off the Cloud-Saving Mode and then click the "OK" button to apply the setting.

Can I access older network activity by contacting support?

Unfortunately, no. Once Cloud-Saving Mode is activated, the system stops collecting and storing information about network activity. This means that the support team won't be able to retrieve this information for you. Even if you upgrade to Nebula Plus or Pro later, you won't be able to recover the logs.

How can I tell if Cloud-Saving Mode is deactivated?

When Cloud-Saving Mode is deactivated, you'll be able to see all the usual monitoring and polling activities on your Nebula dashboard.

If you've followed the steps to deactivate Cloud-Saving Mode and you're not seeing these activities, give it a few minutes. Sometimes it takes a little while for everything to show up.

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