Per user bandwidth limits with DPPSK and/or Vouchers

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Currently, speed limit is defined strictly by the SSID, it would be useful to be able to set different bandwidth limit to specific users when using DPPSK.

Initial request was on ticket #376231, feature would allow Zyxel to position itself against competitor allowing per client bandwidth limit based on voucher code. Combined with Nebula and API, it could be integrated in CRMs where guest access could be created automatically with speed based on customer defined parameters. It is highly demanded by places giving wireless access to end customers, like hotels, cafés, shopping malls. Refer to ticket for potential financial impact.

I hope to gather more Zyxel customers wishing to have this feature in the forum to help prioritize the potential development of the feature.

Thank you

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    Hi @Zulgrib ,

    Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will certainly consider this for future development.

    In response to your ticket regarding the need for increased bandwidth limits for VIP guests at the game center for example, so we suggest you utilize DPPSK with Dynamic VLAN. Subsequently, you can use the traffic shaping feature to set the rate limit.

    Here's the method to assign the VLAN ID for DPPSK users:

    Please refer to the FAQ which shows how to set up rate limits with Dynamic VLAN using Traffic Shaping.

    By following these steps, all clients will still be able to connect to a single SSID. However, you will be able to segregate users into different VLAN groups, each with a distinct rate limit.



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    Hello @Zyxel_Judy ,

    This is the workaround i'm currently using, but the shaping needs to be done as soon as possible in some cases —- before it arrives at the gateway. It is also not manageable to create 400VLANs considering USG Flex 700 specification state a maximum of 128 VLAN interfaces. Giving access to common employee the possibility to modify the USG's configuration is also a security risk, while just letting them use Nebula to manage APs alone would be a lower risk since critical VLANs could be excluded from APs' ports on switches.

    This is also part of a software solution we are creating to help businesses manage their guest access that would rely on Nebula API, these business could be locked with ISP's gateway or not willing to invest on a gateway.

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    Hi @Zulgrib ,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We understand your concerns regarding the current workaround and the limitations it poses in certain scenarios.

    We value your input, and we will carefully consider your suggestions, along with the feedback from other users in the community. The votes and comments on this topic will be closely monitored and taken into account as we shape our product development decisions.


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