[Nebula] How to Set Up rate limit with Dynamic VLAN by using Traffic shaping?

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In some environments such as school or office, it is important to have a single SSID with different permissions and rate limit for various users like guest, employee and manager. Nebula Pro pack provides traffic shaping feature to achieve the requirement. Traffic shaping provides bandwidth limit to user/user group on different VLAN(s).


1. Single SSID for all users.

2. Different VLANs for users with different rate limits.

(This article will using Nebula Cloud Authentication Server as the radius server.)

Following the steps:

1. Assign different VLAN attributes to each users on the RADIUS server side.

2. Create a single SSID and assign VLAN 1.

Reference: How to configure WPA2-Enterprise (802.1X) with Dynamic VLAN by Nebula Cloud Authentication Server?

3. Enable Traffic Shaping at Configure > Access points > Traffic shaping


1/ Traffic Shaping Supported model list: NWA110AX, NWA210AX, NWA1123ACv3, WAC500, WAC500H, WAX510D, WAX610D, WAX630S, WAX650S.

2/ Maximum 10 VLANs can be set in a policy; Maximum 5 policies can be set in a Nebula site.

3/ Ensure the gateway has configured the corresponding vlan interface, the switch port that AP and gateway are connected to has configured the corresponding vlan settings. Ensure the DHCP server is active and all VLANs IP address pool is not overloaded.