Media server Twonky don't save position on video


Hey, I have Nas 521 and Twonky media server (On Samsung TV). And it's very frustrated, that I watch movie. Stop. Then I open this video again and I should find a place, where I stopped earlier. Don't find in setting Twonky anything, that helped.

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    Not sure if twonly support resume playback.
    The "resume playback" function works through a combination of the application (media player or streaming service) and support from the video file format itself. Here's how it generally works:

    1. Media Player Support: The media player application or streaming service needs to support the "resume playback" feature. When you stop a video, the media player remembers the current playback position and saves this information in its memory or database. This ensures that the media player can recall the exact point where you stopped watching the video.
    2. Video File Format Support: Some video file formats support "bookmarking" or "seek points," which allow the media player to record and retrieve the playback position efficiently. Formats like MP4, MKV, and AVI often include this capability, making it easier for media players to implement "resume playback" functionality.

    This functionality may not be available for all video files or media players, as it depends on the file format and the capabilities of the application. Additionally, if you watch the video on a different device or media player, the "resume playback" feature may not work unless the playback position data is synced across devices or platforms. Some streaming services also offer this feature, allowing you to resume playback on different devices as long as you are logged in with the same account.

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    Thanks! I'm simply user: with flash drive in tv resume working in 95% videos, with flash drive in router and with WI-FI to TV - 95%, with NAS 0%. In this statistic we can read, that something "wrong" with NAS and Twonky .

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    with flash drive in router and with WI-FI to TV

    I suppose this is a samba share? I guess the TV writes a file to that drive containing the wanted timestamp. You could check that.

    In case of Twonky that can't be done. From the TV view Twonky is readonly, so he can't store metadata on Twonky. And Twonky can't store it either, as he doesn't know who is looking. You don't have to login on Twonky.

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