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I have recently bought a refurbished NAS542. The NAS has new Disks and the OS is reset. Strangely enough the previous owner still has a cloud user account. I contacted him and he logged in to myzyxel but there was not devices associated with him.

I've tried unpairing and repairing the nas to my own account. Also I tried uninstall the Zyxel Cloud agent and installing it again. Nothing helps.

Is there a way to SSH and manually delete this user?

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    You may reset your NAS, to reset NAS you can press and hold the reset button until hearing three beeps and release it. To do the reset, please make sure if you do not use the disk already.

    After the reset, the account should be removed. Alternatively, you can ask the previous user to send a request to delete the account to Zyxel if they no longer need it.

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