Port Forwarding access won't allow upload of files.


Hi guys. I'm very technically minded but not in networking so I should get most advice but certainly not as an expert in the field.

I have an old Zyxel NSA310 which is doing sterling work on a home network behind a BT Smart Hub (no, don't start on that). I am trying to set up internet access to a public area of the NAS drive to download and upload files from other locations. I have got to the stage where it is accessible from outside. All files in the published share can be seen and they can be downloaded without issues. From that I guess I have the basics sorted.

I am using a No-IP registered hostname and a single specific port number for this, though it works using the hostname or the external IP address. The web interface that opens up is the ultra-basic file listing one supplied by Zyxel for the NSA310, no additional .html is involved.

The problem is that, while I can download files from the NSA310 to outside in the real world, there seems to be no way to upload files to that area from outside. And yes, I am really working from a different location at the other end of the country. Is there something I am missing in the port forwarding section, one port for download and one for upload maybe, or is it something fundamental about the defining of the published share on the NSA310?

Or is it just something else completely that I am just totally ignorant of?

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    It's hard to find out where the traffic is stuck, if you can make sure the NAS do the upload, then the issue might get block in the real world somewhere else…

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