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I just got a NR7102 for 5G failover with my Ubiquiti Dream Machine SE,

I had a quick look to the NR7102 webinterface, I don't see anywhere to acces the SIM card's SMS, is that an expected beheivour?

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    I checked the NR7101 and NR7103 user manual. That it did not mention the SMS function.
    I guess Zyxel 5G NR Outdoor Router did not have this function.

  • CodIsAFish

    Sadly these do not have an SMS function - to get SMS I ended up dumping out the "root" user password on my device via serial (the generators online diidn't work), SSHing in, and manually issuing the AT commands to extract the SMS messages that I needed (provider was sending a 2FA code for changing billing).

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