How to Resolve No Internet Access for Devices on a Guest Network

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In a common network setup, a wireless access point plays a crucial role in connecting wireless devices to the network, often acting as a Layer 2 bridge. This link becomes especially vital when multiple devices in a guest network face intermittent or no internet connectivity, even with VLAN isolation enabled.

Topology and Scenario

In this case, the network topology comprises of a gateway router, a switch, and an access point.

Gateway --- Switch --- AP ))) Devices in Guest Network

The access point SSID Layer 2 isolation is activated with the gateway's MAC address exempted. Despite this, certain devices in the guest network cannot access the internet.


To resolve the issue, perform the following steps in the Nebula Cloud interface:

  1. Go to Navigation Panel > Configure > Access points > SSID advanced settings.

In the Layer 2 isolation section, add the DNS server's MAC address to the white

list, next to the gateway's MAC address.

2. Click Save.

The above steps ensure that both the gateway and the DNS server's MAC addresses are on the Layer 2 isolation white list.

This allows the access point to communicate with the DNS server and subsequently provide internet access to all devices connected to the guest network.


Verify that the DNS server's MAC address is on the Layer 2 isolation white list.

Check if the devices on the guest network can now access the internet.


The MAC addresses for the gateway and the DNS server are correctly entered in the Layer 2 isolation white list.

The DNS server settings are properly configured and reachable.

Remember that any misconfiguration in these settings might prevent some or all devices in the guest network from accessing the internet. If issues persist, kindly reach out to our support team.