How to Configure The BandFlex Settings on Nebula

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In the world of wireless networking, maximizing the efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum is vital. This is achieved by choosing the correct radio band for your devices. For this purpose, we focus on Zyxel Nebula, a cloud-based networking solution, which enables you to easily configure the radio band settings of your enterprise's access point.

Topology and Scenario

Specific scenarios require the BandFlex support AP to operate on a different frequency band (5 GHz /6 GHz).


  1. Go to Nebula Navigation Bar > Configure > Access point > Radio settings. This path will lead you to the radio settings page.
  2. Scroll down the page until you come across the AP list table, then click on the "BandFlex" button.
  3. In the table, locate your desired access point. Click on it to open its specific settings.
  4. Now, you can modify the band setting. Choose between the 5GHz and 6GHz bands based on your requirements.


Revisit the AP list table in the radio settings section. The band settings for your chosen access point should now reflect the new frequency band.


While configuring the band settings, there might be potential challenges:

  1. Access Point Not Found: Ensure your access point is properly registered and managed by your Nebula account. If it is not visible in the AP list, double-check its registration status.
  2. Unable to Modify Band Setting: Check and ensure your access point model supports the desired frequency band.

Remember, adjusting the frequency band can greatly impact your network performance. Always choose the band setting that best suits your network environment and requirements.