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Since day one I'm having issues with the connection, super slow and sometimes there would be no internet for couple of minutes, and sometimes it would be fast and fine, sometimes i would have 20mps download and ZERO upload, which makes surfing the web impossible due to zero sent packets. I'm no experienced person but I know how to do my work. Any help would be much appreciated.

at first I used the POE plug that comes with the device and connect it to an access point, but after I saw the poor performance I suspected the issue to be the plug so i replaced it with a POE switch, nothing changed and the poor internet remained, I replaced my AP with a new one, still no luck.

attached is some screenshots from my settings, maybe someone can spot something that i missed.

Current Firmware Version: 1.00(ABUV.8)C0

Current LTE Module Version: RG502QEAAAR11A03M4G

Location: Dubai - UAE


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    It is weird that you 5G PCC and 4G PCC signal is really well.

    Did you try using the same sim card with other devices in the same place ?
    Did it get the better through put ?

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