SYSLOG: Disabling debug and notice logs from Nebula

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Hi folks,

i have the following scenario: 5 access points (NWA90AX nebula based) and 1 Synology NAS for Syslog.

I managed to receive logs (configure → site settings → reporting)

Now i would like to resctrict the type of logs written (for example not debug logs) and i would like to know which access point is writing what. Is it possible?

Please consider that in 25 minutes they wrote almost 10000 lines and there is no one connected to their SSD so I am forced to stop recording until I find a solution. Thank you!

Accepted Solution

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    Hi @QuiteSmart ,

    Currently, if your access points are operating in Nebula cloud mode, you won't be able to restrict the type of logs written. By default, all events are logged.

    To adjust the type of Syslog messages being captured, you would need to switch the devices to standalone mode. In standalone mode, you can choose the specific type of logs you want to generate. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Access the access point's local Web GUI.
    2. Navigate to Configuration > Log & Report > Log Setting > Active Log Summary.
    3. Here, you can select the desired type of logs you want to be recorded.

    Additionally, you can change the system name of the access points through the ZON utility or SNMP-SET. Here's how you can change the system name using ZON:

    1. Open the ZON utility and choose the device you wish to modify.
    2. Select IP Configuration.
    3. Update the System Name with the desired name.

    It's worth mentioning that the ability to configure the AP's system name through Nebula is planned for a future firmware release for the SB model APs. Stay tuned on the section for the latest updates.


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