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I have a Zyxcel NR5101 being used in a commercial application as a failover 5%G service with an unlimited EE data SIM. This signal is excellent and the router easily services three wireless APs and a number of LAN devices. Also connected to a switch connected to the Zyxcel router are two VoIP desktop phones. We are experiencing issues with calls ringing in but on answering no sound can be heard. The issue occurs is intermittently - sometimes it works well and at other times we lose 50% of the calls.

I've looked in the settings and can find no way to disable SIP ALG, or find any information to see if it is even enabled as a default on this router.

Does anyone have experience of using this router for VoIP calls over 5G and is there any configuration I can make to increase the reliability of the service?

Can anyone recommend a quality 5G router using a data SIM that would potentially provide a better service then this Zyxcel router, or any other commendations in this regard?

Many thanks in advance.


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    Hello Simon @Pollenator

    Welcome to the forum.

    Which version of firmware is your NR5101 running please?

    Yes the NR5101 does have a SIP ALG, and it can be disabled as shown in the below screenshot. Move the toggle to the left to disable SIP ALG and then click Apply.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    There is also a user guide available at https://www.zyxel.com/uk/en-gb/support/download?model=nr5101

    Kind regards,


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