NR7101 - Interrogating SMS Messages on SIM

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I've got a SIM receiving SMS messages in a NR7101. I've conencted via telnet - and accessed via admin login.

I can see available commands including sys sim - which shows me the sim is a-okay.

However I cannot see how to issue AT commands to interrogate the SIM - anyone got any ideas ???

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  • Further info - it looks like the login might have to be at root/supervisor level - which is not distributed.

    So any ideas on how to get to root password - or use admin password to issue the at commands to interrogate the SIM for SMS ???

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    According to the User manual, NR7101 did not support SMS Messages function.

    I think it is hard for us to get the Root password or even AT command to check the SMS message.
    Some ISP provide the service to resend the SMS to designate phone number.
    Maybe you can check this service.

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