How to access the AP's Web GUI when managed by Nebula

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Users may need to access the device web GUI after registering the device on Nebula for various reasons, such as monitoring device status or troubleshooting.

The usage of the web GUI when the AP is managed by Nebula

When the AP is managed by Nebula and operating in cloud mode, the web GUI provides specific functionalities:

  1. Dashboard: Displays general information about the device and cloud control status.
  2. Configure management IP address and VLAN settings: Allows users to set up the management IP address and VLAN settings.
  3. Maintenance: Users can manage shell script files, generate diagnostic files, or view log messages.

How to access the AP's Web GUI:

  1. Find the device's IP address: You can check it under Devices > Access points or utilize the ZON tool.
  2. Use the Nebula password: Since the device is managed by Nebula, the default password has been changed to the one found in the Configure > Site settings > Device configuration section. This password is generated automatically by the NCC when the site is created; you can change or keep it and use it to log in to the device's web GUI.


  • Since the device is managed by Nebula, all configurations can be done on NCC. Thus, the cloud mode's web GUI will have fewer options than those managed by Standalone mode.
  • If you change the site's password in Nebula, it will apply to all Nebula Devices on that site.

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