Using an SCR 50AXE as standalone AP (only)?

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Dear Community,

Is there any trick in order to use my "unnecessary" SCR 50AXE unit as an AP (only) in my system?

Currently I have a GS1920-24HPV2 switch and 4 Zyxel APs already. I'd like to extend the WiFi further…

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi @neukrisz

    The SCR 50AXE model will not include the MESH feature. For extending WiFi service, an Ethernet connection will still be required.

    However, we have a plan to add mesh system in future products.
    If you have any further inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

  • neukrisz
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    Thanks for your reply!

    Without MESH can we use that as standalone AP only? (so has it AP mode only?)

    Thanks in advance!

  • neukrisz
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    Is there any plan for implement this feature in the future?

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    You could use as an AP, make sure DHCP is off and give the LAN interface a suitable free static IP, and Bingo you have an AP. Devices that join the Wi-Fi will get an IP address from your LANS DHCP server.

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