NWA1123-AC-PRO connect lan to switch

I have a NWA1123-AC-PRO device. I would like to connect a zyxel unmanaged switch to the LAN1 port to branch the cable network. When I connect the switch to lan1 AP. Internet not working. However, if I connect the laptop directly to lan1, everything works. Why is this happening?

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    Hi @kalgontbg

    First, please try rebooting your switch and then reconnect it to the LAN1 port of your AP. Sometimes, a simple reboot can help resolve connection problems.

    If the issue persists despite the reboot, we kindly request additional information to better assist you

    1. Model of your Zyxel unmanaged switch.
    2. Current firmware version of NWA1123-AC-PRO.
    3. Have you tested whether the switch works properly when connected to other devices (such as a router)?
    4. Could you provide information about the LAN1 LED status of the NWA1123-AC PRO while it was connected to the switch and the laptop?
    5. Beyond the laptop connected to LAN1, are the WiFi clients connected with the NWA1123-AC-PRO’s SSID able to access the internet?
    6. Please enable Zyxel Support in Nebula > Help center, and provide us with your org/site name. This will aid us in diagnosing the issue more effectively.


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