How to identify the wireless interface MAC address?

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When utilizing a channel/network analyzer, you might notice that the MAC address associated with the SSID differs from the MAC address indicated on the hardware label sticker (as reported by Nebula). This guide explains the MAC addresses you observe on the network analyzer.

The MAC address shown on the channel analyzer represents the BSSID, which is also referred to as the wireless interface (wlan-x-y).

I the figure, the wlan-1-1 is BSSID1 of radio1 2.4GHz (VAP1), wlan-2-1 is BSSID1 of radio2 5GHz (VPA2).

In the provided figure:

  • wlan-1-1 corresponds to BSSID1 of radio1 2.4GHz (VAP1).
  • wlan-2-1 corresponds to BSSID1 of radio2 5GHz (VAP2).

Each subsequent BSSID's MAC address follows the rule in the figure.

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