What is organization license grace period?

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If a Professional or Plus license expires while assigned to a Nebula Device or you add an unlicensed Nebula Device to the organization, you have a 15-day grace period during which the organization’s license remains active. During the grace period, you must perform one of the following actions:

•Assign a valid Plus or Professional license to the unlicensed Nebula Device.

•Remove the unlicensed Nebula Device from the organization.

If the expired Nebula Device is still in the organization after the grace period elapses, the organization automatically downgrades to the Base tier. The grace period status can be any of the following:

Near Expiring: Any Nebula Devices with licenses expiring within 15 days before the grace period has started.

License Expired: Any Nebula Devices with expired licenses after the grace period.

Insufficient Licenses: Any Nebula Devices that are unlicensed, or lower tier licensed Nebula Devices added during the grace period.

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