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I have a NAS542 device. I have set my device and cloud settings correctly. When I want to use the Zyxel Drive application, it connects to the device, but when I want to enter the folder or within the folder, it keeps saying it is loading. It times out. Anyone experiencing this problem? Does anyone have a solution suggestion?
I share images related to the subject.

Is there anyone who can use this in the current version of zyxel drive?

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    Do you have a specific folder path name in mind for the folder's path? Additionally, please double-check the privileges of both the admin and access accounts (Zyxel drive binding account) on your Zyxel NAS to ensure that you have adequate permissions to access the NAS folder.

    It might be worth attempting to rename the folder on your NAS,perhaps this may help

  • I gave full access to the relevant folders to both the administrator and the cloud user.
    This sluggish state and then timing out on all new or existing folders
    The information given to us by the Zyxel support center in our country on the subject; We have received information that the problem caused by the application will be resolved with the next update.
    But it's a shame that such a serious bug hasn't been fixed yet.

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