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when i want to test wifi signal i get an error with message: connect the device with multy network, bit my iphone is connected! And in other forum i wrote that the wifi is very very unstable. I thoughy mesh system was to created a stable and fast wifi in your house but my wifi was better with the cheal router from my internet provider. Not happy at all with this mesh system and i am sorry that i did not buy tp-link mesh system or other brand. I hope there will be a new firmware soon that will fix all this problems!!!

And the internet speed is also very slow. I have 1tb speed, normally with my iphone on 5ghz i have 400-500 mb speed and now in the living room on 5ghz network 2 meters from the mesh router average 35mb downloadspeed! What a drama!

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    Hi @Cihank ,
    Please help to send us the feedback on the Multy APP. We'll contact you via email.

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