it's about entware instalation on nas540

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Hi there

Who can tell me step by step about this ?

for example ,What's te meanin of 'make it executable'?

etc etec


The described procedure is known to work on the Zyxel NAS540 and NAS542 running firmware 5.21

Installing Entware

  1. Update your firmware It is necessary to update firmware to V5.21(BHAG.6)C0 or above. On firmware V5.21(ABAG.0) scrypts listed in USRPKG_DEPS_START won't start automatically on boot. You can update firmware from web-interface.
  2. First create a file named USRPKG_DEPS_START under /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs and make it executable. Put a line in that file called entware. This is the name of the script that the system will run when it boots.
touch /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/USRPKG_DEPS_START
chmod +x /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/USRPKG_DEPS_START
echo entware > /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/USRPKG_DEPS_START
  1. Next, you need to find the name of your volume. This can be determined by running the following command:
cd /i-data/.system

If you look at your prompt, you should now see a folder name in between i-data and .system. This is your volume ID.

  1. Now create the script that creates the directories /opt, starts Entware, and includes opkg in your path. This script has to be called 'entware' and placed in /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/ in order to be executed. The content of the script is as follows (with <YOUR_VOLUME_ID_HERE> substituted with the value you got in step 2):

##Define the ID of your volume
mkdir -p /i-data/$VOL/opt > /dev/null 2>&1
mkdir -p /opt
mount -o bind /i-data/$VOL/opt /opt

##Start Entware
/opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start

##Add opkg to your path
echo 'export PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin:/opt/sbin' >> /etc/profile
exit 0
  1. Reboot your NAS. After it has booted run the command mount and check if you have the line bellow. This will mean the steps above worked for you and you can continue with the installation of Entware.
/i-data/<YOUR_VOLUME_ID_HERE>/opt on /opt type none (rw,bind)

  1. To install Entware on the device run the installation script:
wget -O - | /bin/ash
  1. Next, you need to create the shutdown script. The following commands will do so:
touch /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/USRPKG_DEPS_SHUTDOWN
echo sdentware >> /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/USRPKG_DEPS_SHUTDOWN
chmod +x /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/USRPKG_DEPS_SHUTDOWN

#Create sdentware and fill it in
touch /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/sdentware
echo '#!/bin/sh' >> /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/sdentware
echo '/opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung stop' >> /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/sdentware
chmod +x /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/sdentware
  1. That's it. Now you can use opkg to install packages. The repo of the packages with description is at Entware Packages

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    I believe the instructions in step 2 of the article refer to making the file executable. This task may require some familiarity with Linux-based systems, and it's essential to understand the process rather than simply following the steps.

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