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I upgraded from LTE7480 to NR7101 after 5G came available to my location. Is there a way to use the GNSS functionality of the device in some fashion? Ie. Is it possible to get location or time data (NMEA messages) to devices on the local network? I tried to search for info but couldn't find any.

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    There is no way to directly output NMEA messages from the NR7101's GNSS receiver to devices on the local network. However, there are a few workarounds that you can use.

    One option is to use a third-party application to bridge the gap between the NR7101's GNSS receiver and your local network. For example, you could use the following steps:

    Install a third-party GNSS application on the NR7101, such as GPSD or NTRIP Client.
    Configure the third-party application to output NMEA messages to a TCP port on the NR7101.
    Set up a TCP port forwarding rule on the NR7101 to forward the NMEA messages to a device on your local network.
    On the device on your local network, run a program that can listen for and decode NMEA messages, such as a GPS mapping software or a GNSS receiver.

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    Hi bappelsin,

    GNSS data is available at the bottom of Cellular Info page (Home page > Cellular Info).



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