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I have a Nas542. It had a disk problem. So I deleted the Raid structure and then want to reinstall Raid5 again. The process starts but cannot complete. It does not give any error. I updated firmware to last version. It does not work anyway. Any idea for solution? Thanks.

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    If you really have a disk problem it won't be solved by creating a new raid array. Which of course doesn't mean the system shouldn't give a clear error message.

    You can probably see what the problem is by logging in over ssh, and execute

    cat /proc/mdstat
    cat /proc/partitions

    The first command gives kernel info about the raid array(s), the second about disks and partitions, and the last about filesystems.

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    Thanks for help. I'll try this.

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    If you're unable to complete the RAID 5 setup on your Zyxel NAS542 even after updating the firmware and it doesn't give any error messages, consider trying the following steps:

    Check Drive Compatibility: Ensure that the hard drives you're using are compatible with the NAS542 and meet the required specifications for RAID 5.

    Disk Health: Check the health of your hard drives. Use diagnostic tools to verify that the drives are essay editor functioning correctly and are free from errors.

    Drive Installation Order: If you have multiple hard drives, ensure they are installed in the correct order as per your NAS's documentation for RAID 5 configuration.

    Initialization Time: RAID 5 setup can take some time, especially if the drives are large. Be patient and allow sufficient time for the NAS to complete the initialization process.

    Factory Reset: Consider performing a factory reset on your NAS542 and then attempt the RAID 5 setup again. This will restore the NAS to its default settings and may resolve any configuration issues.

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