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I've got a new Zyxel NR7101, it's been excellent for about 6 weeks since I installed it. Last night started getting slow speeds like 6Mbps download and 15Mbps upload, I was previously getting over 100 down and over 50 up.

So I went to connect to it's AP with zyxel air app, it informed me there was an update, so I updated, and now the app keeps crashing as soon as it connects to the NR7101.

I know the speed issues are most likely device related, as when I'm near the NR710 with my phone and perform a speed test on mobile data with my phone it's getting 50+ down and 30+ up.

Does anyone have any advice, other than down powering the NR710 and powering back up (which I've already done)

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  • ZyxelClient

    I have the same experience since the last app update on android 14. Please fix the app!

  • Daiashthomas

    I've uninstalled the app, and reinstalled it, that has fixed the app issue, but the router is still flakey with the speeds.

    Infact, I'm not home today and the router has been offline for around 2hrs, when I know the network is fine, when I get home, I bet you if I down power it and power it back up it'll start working again.

    Its either a router issue I think, or possibly the cheap and nasty POE injector PSU that's supplied with it.

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