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Hello. I have Zyxel NAS326 installed and the following problem arises: when a file is opened on the computer and for some reason it reboots, it is impossible to open this file for editing. Windows displays a message that the file is occupied by a user (writes my username), and does not allow editing until you reboot NAS326. Restarting the PC doesn't help. Is there a way to solve this problem without rebooting the computer? I tried to remove the user's access to the folder with frozen files and give access again - it did not help.

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    Many programs 'lock' a file by putting an (hidden) file in the same directory. For instance, of I open the file 'file.ods' on my system, a file '.~lock.file.ods#' is created next to it. And the content of the file contains my username.

    Could it be that such a file is the problem? Although I don't see why rebooting the NAS could solve this.

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