NAS542 Uploadmanger to ftp with Privatekey


Hell Community.
I'm looking for a posibilty to upload Files via the uploadmanger to an sftp Server. The server is set so that login is only possible with an SSL key. I have disabled login via password for security reasons.

As far as I know, a .ssh directory is usually created in the respective user's home directory.
Is that also possible here in this case?

I Already have acces to the NAS via SSH.

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    Are you sure the upload manager supports sftp? That is something different than ftps. The latter is an extension on ftp, the first is an extension on ssh.

    You can give a user a persistent home partition using the Tweaks package. But if the upload manager supports sftp, I don't know if it will impersonate as that user. So maybe you have to find which credentials are used by the upload manager, give that a home part

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