NR7102 drop connection on 5g nsa

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Good evening,

I have two questions about the NR7102.

Firstly, I use it as a 5G Modem and then it provides a connection to the wan1 of the Ubiquiti USG, which does the routing.

  1. There are moments when it loses connection and it does not recover, only when it is restarted, which is annoying.
  2. I want to have control from within the USG network, meaning I want to be able to access the Zyxel management interface from the USG's network. The default gateway that I currently have on the Zyxel is set as a router with IP: I don't have passthrough enabled, and I'm unsure if it plays a role whether it's turned on or off. I tried setting the DMZ to IP: but still, I cannot access the Zyxel.

Now, the USG's network is 192.168.1.x with a USG gateway of On the wan1, the Zyxel provides internet and has a local IP of

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  • baspax1

    I've narrowed down my problem to having to restart almost twice a day because the internet is excessively slow. However, after the restart, everything is fine for several hours. Can you tell me what causes this? Isn't there something that detects anomalies and makes the necessary adjustments ?

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