Introducing the MSP Firmware Upgrade Functionality

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With Nebula Control Center's 17.20 release launch, we are pleased to announce enhanced capabilities for MSP managers through our MSP portal. The new feature is the ability to schedule and manage firmware upgrades across different organizations. This FAQ aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this new MSP firmware upgrade functionality.

What's New?

Starting from the 17.20 release of the Nebula Control Center, the MSP portal now offers firmware upgrade scheduling features. This enables MSP managers to:

  • Check the current firmware status for devices across multiple organizations.
  • Plan and execute firmware upgrade tasks with ease.


Schedule upgrades

In the schedule upgrades tab, we can check the current firmware status for devices across multiple organizations and schedule/execute the firmware upgrade tasks. The result will be displayed after you choose the search criteria and search.

MSP managers can select the results to upgrade the devices now or schedule the firmware upgrade tasks.

Here are the schedule steps:

  1. Select the devices you want to schedule the firmware upgrade tasks and click the schedule button.
  2. Check the "Upgrade version".
  3. Set your schedule.
  4. Confirm the configuration.

Schedule tasks

You can check the scheduled firmware upgrade tasks in this tab.

If you want to change the schedule for a specific model, you can select it and schedule it again.

You can also reset the schedule. It will follow the site-wide firmware upgrade schedule.

For the site-wide firmware upgrade, please reference this FAQ:

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