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Good morning, I am attaching the system diagram. I tried connecting the mesh line first, and then wiring it via the switch, but only the main router connects via cable, the satellite routers, even if connected via Ethernet cable to the WLAN port, are connected via Wi-Fi. For greater speed I should:
1: create three different sites?
2: Connect a modem instead of the switch and use it as a router/satellite
3: leave the system as it is.
I can't understand if, as in the diagram, the satellites are connected to the Internet via cable or via wifi, thanks

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    Hi @Andrea94

    Please install the satellite with wireless backhaul at first and after completing the installation, then put the satellite under the switch.

    If your Multy is far away between each other, you have the option to set up separate sites for each Multy device. You can then configure these Multy sites with the same SSID and password.

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