Getting Started with SCR50AXE via Nebula Mobile APP!

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This article will guide you on how to set up the SCR 50AXE device via Nebula APP for the first time.

SCR 50AXE is a Secure Cloud-managed Router that is controlled by NCC (Nebula Control Center). You can access the NCC through the NCC web portal using a browser or Nebula Mobile app. And you need to create an account to log into the NCC for management first.

We will use the Nebula Mobile app to register the device in this article.


Hardware connections

  1. Use the included power cable to power it on.
  2. Connect the WAN port of the device to a broadband modem or router that is connected to the Internet.

Register the Device to Nebula

If your phone doesn't have an internet connection itself, you can connect it to SCR50AXE via WiFi using the default SSID and password found at the back of the device. Then proceed the following steps:

  1. Download and install the Nebula Mobile App. You can get it from the App store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app. Create an account if you haven't registered yet. Please follow this FAQ to create your account.
  3. Create your Organization and Site if you haven't had one yet.
  4. Register the device by scanning the QR code on its back. To rename the device, click the three dots icon on the right.
    1. Choose the trial packs: Nebula Pro and SCR Pro.
      Besides the free option, the SCR 50AXE supports an SCR Pro Pack license for advanced security features. On creating the Organization, a 30-day trial is offered. It's suggested to enable the trial license to experience these advanced features at this stage.
  5. Get it onboard now! Wait for the LED to turn solid green and click "Next".
  6. Firmware Upgrade, and wait for some minutes.
  7. Create your WiFi Network
    At first, you will see the default SSID and password that is also shown at the back of the device.
    Enter your desired SSID and password then click "Create" to complete.

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