never read/write access to NAS326


my NAS326 (S220Y03109061)

fw: V5.2(AAZF.14)

does not allow read/write access contrary to what is indicated in the NAS Series User's Guide at Chapter 7 Control Panel: Privilege and Sharing; Why?


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  • The issue you're experiencing with your NAS326 unit not allowing read/write access could be due to several factors.

    User permissions: One common issue is related to user permissions. Make sure that the account you're using has the necessary permissions to read and write files on the NAS. This can usually be checked in the NAS's control panel or user settings.

    Firmware issues: There might be a bug or issue with the current firmware version of your NAS. Ensure your firmware is up to date, as updates often include bug fixes.

    Network settings: Network settings, such as those for NFS shares, can also affect access to the files on your NAS. Certain network configurations might restrict access to certain IP addresses or ranges.

    Filesystem issues: If the file system on the NAS has errors or is in a format that your operating system can't handle well, this can cause read/write issues. You might need to check the file system and possibly reformat the drives, though this would delete all data on them.

    If none of these solutions work, it would be best to contact Zyxel's customer support for further assistance.

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    You can provide more details information how do you set up your Privilege and Sharing on your sharefolder. What does it mean the config is not working?

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