How to Provide User Wi-Fi Access via a QR Code for Wireless Network Access?

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In modern business settings, it's increasingly common to provide wireless access for visitors, clients. Instead of handing out lengthy passwords, an efficient approach is to utilize QR codes. Scanning this code gives users instant access to the wireless network, simplifying the connection process. Nebula provides Wi-Fi Access QR Code Print function for WPA Personal security SSID that can help business user such as hotel, café, restaurant scenario to achieve the convenient customer service.

Topology and Scenario

AP broadcast SSID with WPA Personal security


1. Create SSID at Site-wide > Configure > WiFi SSID settings

2. Go to Site-wide > Configure > Access points > SSID advanced settings

> Select the SSID you want to setup for users who can access directly via scanning printed QR code.

> Set Security options as WPA Personal With (WPA3/WPA2/WPA1) as the authentication method for the SSID. It’s recommend to set WPA2 above for more security concerns.

3. Click Print right with Wi-Fi Access QR Code to print.


1. Open camera on mobile device, scan the QR code.

2. Click to join the network, the device should connect to Wi-Fi directly without asking password.