NR7101 Can't connect to builtin WiFi

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I have a NR7101 with firmware 100ABUV8C0 and would like to connect the Zyxel Air App in order to find the best signal.

But I can't connect to the built-in WiFi. I'm using 3 different devices (iPhone, MacBook and Android Tablet), none of them can connect. The Apple devices just spin indefinitely ("joining WiFi…"), and the Samsung Tablet is erroring after about 10 seconds saying the network could not be joined.

Steps performed so far:
- Switched internal WiFi ON/OFF many times
- Renamed internal WiFi, set different passwords
- "Forgot" WiFi config on devices, tried a-new
- Rebooted NR7101 many times (incl. disconnected from power)
- Factory-reset NR7101 multiple times

Haven't fiddled with the WiFi settings so far (channels, frequencies etc.), it's all default values and I'm figuring it should work. Country: Switzerland.

Any help kindly appreciated!

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    Can you fix the channel to channel 1, 6 or 11, and see if the end devices can connect to NR7101's Wi-Fi?



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