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Dear Zyxel,

i'm evaluating to buy an used Zyxel 5103E modem that have a THREE UK brand from an user of Aliexpress in China.

The product is perfect like new.

Firmware that i can see that is installed is : V1.00(ACBJ.0)b12 and is branded Three UK

My only complaint, as the product is used and is selled on Aliexpress and Ebay, if there is a method to verify and rest assured that the modem is not modded or that it don't contain exploit or other security problem inside it.

Or i can buy an used 5103E without any compliant?

Do you have a 5103E firmware public to download to reupload it into my modem when i will buy?

Thanks very much!

P.S: the firmware that is installed contain the fix about the security advisory CVE: CVE-2022-43389, CVE-2022-43390, CVE-2022-43391, CVE-2022-43392 ?

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    Hi @RBZyxel ,

    From your statement, it seems like the product was delivered by SP-THREE UK.

    If it was installed with the SP fw, we are not able to provide that specific firmware.

    If you have any fw problem, please seek advice from SP-THREE UK.

    thank you.

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