How to set up Load Balance Group on Nebula?

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What is Load Balance Group?

To attempt to lessen the loading of one channel by deploying additional access points in dense areas, administrators must enable load balancing for AP clusters to improve equal channel usage.

Since AP clusters may be deployed among different rooms, it is a good idea to define their respective groups.

In this example, we can define that access points in Room-1 belongs to group-1. While access points in Room-2 belongs to Group-2.

This ensures that the overload and underload state of your access points do not impact access points deployed in completely different rooms or even different floors.

We can even implement smart steering to further ensure that clients will only connect to the AP clusters in their respective rooms.

Where to set up Load Balance Group?

Access point >> Monitor >> Access points >> [Select AP] >> Loading balancing

You can add to define new load balancing groups in each AP detail page.

Also, you just simply create a load balancing group name and make sure access points of that same group uses the exact same group name.