FWA510 poor speed and nothing has changed


These days, I've been experiencing a serious downgrade on my connection without any changes to it.

About my setup, I got 4 directional external antennas pointing to the ISP antenna at 1,2km away. With this, I was able to achieve a stable ~400Mbps connection. At this moment, I'm experiencing a lack of performance because the speed is <20Mbps. You can check my signal parameters, they are almost excellent:

For troubleshooting, I've tried:

  • Rebooting the device.
  • Upgrading the firmware (Current Firmware Version: V1.17(ACGD.0)C0).
  • Enabling / disabling auto-band selection.
  • Checking other connected devices.
  • Testing SIM card with my smartphone (speed increased to 250Mpbs).
  • Switch to internal antennas (it was worse).

Any idea about what's happening? Thank you all for your support.

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    Hi @FarWayAt

    Thank you for providing detailed information about your setup and the troubleshooting steps you've taken so far.

    To address your connectivity issue, I recommend making adjustments to both your mobile router placement (consider moving it closer to a window, for example) and the direction of your external antennas. These changes should help enhance the RSRP signal quality. You can find additional guidance on signal quality parameters in the following article:

    Signal quality [LTE/5G ] - LTE and 5G signal quality parameters – Zyxel Support Campus EMEA

    If adjusting the placement and direction doesn't yield the desired results, I suggest enabling Zyxel Support at Nebula Control Center and providing your org/site name. This will allow us to investigate your site directly and perform a more in-depth analysis to provide accurate assistance.


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