[Nebula] How to deal with Wi-Fi disconnections or intermittent connectivity?

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Experiencing issues with Wi-Fi disconnections or intermittent connectivity led to be frustrating and impact productivity. Understanding how to address these issues is crucial for maintaining a stable and reliable wireless network.


Update Client Drivers

Issue: Outdated drivers on client devices can lead to poor connectivity.
Solution: Check if a new driver is available for the client device and install the latest version. This ensures compatibility and optimal performance with the wireless network.

Optimize AP Deployment

Issue: Poor AP placement can result in weak signal strength.
Solution: Fine-tune the deployment of the Access Points (APs). Ensure that the client connects to a signal of –70dBm or above for better connectivity.

Wireless Environment Fine-Tuning

Going to Access point > Configure > Radio settings

Deployment selection and Maximum output power

Select the Deployment selection according to your number of APs or adjust your 2.4GHz radio power to 5dBm lower than your 5GHz radio at least 5dBm. It helps the client is easy to connect to 5GHz that less interference, and up to 25 channels are available and non-overlapped.

Channel width: Reduce 5GHz to 40MHz, and then 20MHz, narrow channel width to minimize co-channel interference on each radio.

Disable "Avoid 5G DFS channel" to let the AP have more options to prevent channel interference.

WLAN rate control

Increase your WLAN rate control for 2.4GHz to 5.5Mbps, while 5Ghz to 12Mbps. The higher rate is set, the shorter transmission period can be achieved because less airtime will be occupied by management frames.

Going to Devices > Access points > Click to choose AP > Device page > Status > Storm control

Enable Broadcast Storm Control and Multicast Storm Control on both the AP and switch port that the AP is connected to. Storm Control is to limit the broadcast or multicast packets amount per second (pps). Enable the storm control on access point will drop ingress packets on uplink port to release more airtime to transmit data.


By following these steps, users can significantly improve their Wi-Fi connectivity. Regularly updating client drivers, optimizing AP placement, and fine-tuning wireless settings are key to maintaining a stable and efficient wireless network.

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