Problems with Multy M1 WLAN infrastructure

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We have networked our office (150 square metres) via WLAN:
- 8 IP telephones (maximum 3 simultaneous calls)
- 6 PC clients (currently 4 online at the same time)
- 3 smartphones via WLAN

We use the following Zyxel solution:
- 3 Multy M1
- M1 master in bridge mode
- WAN router (Telekom digitalisation box Smart 2) as DHCP server
- Managed switch in the cable network, M1 ports and WAN router port are prioritised
- Backhaul via Ethernet cable

Our problem:
We have large inconsistencies in the bandwidth, especially in the latency.
On Ethernet, we had ping values of around 30 ms.
Now the values fluctuate between 40 ms and 250 ms.
Many IP calls break off after a few minutes.
Video conferences are also fragile.
The Multy app diagnostics show excellent values for the backhaul.

What can we do to get more stability?
Are the M1 Multy systems the right choice (or do we need devices with more antennas?)?
Is bridge mode the right choice or would normal operation provide better internal networking?

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    Hi @ao_06

    It appears there may be a stability issue with the Wi-Fi in your network environment. For additional assistance, please reach out to your local representative.

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