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I have an NR7101 on Firmware version 1.00(ABUV.6)C1, this does not appear to be the latest software version, but I am unable to update it at all (upload fail errors)

I have been able to successfully update the Modem firmware

What am I doing wrong?

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    Hi @Ultrabeat ,

    Please check the inbox message, would like to confrim some needed information to proceed your inquiry.

    thank you.

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    Would you mind sharing the information publicly? I just got my NR7101 and I have absolutely no idea how to read the firmware and modem files to be honest.

    Is this a newer firmware or a really old one? Could you update the firmware download page with information on how to read the firmware version? Is the C0/C1 at the end hardware revision? Is it safe to flash C0 files?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    EDIT: Looked at the ABUV.6 release and there was a pdf with release notes included. C0 seems to be the first stable release of that version, then C1 and so on. I guess the B variants are the beta releases. I'll look at the modem files next.

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