[ATP/FLEX] Why am I unable to access the internal LAN network through the remote VPN?

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Scenario :

The user may encounter an awkward situation when successfully establishing a remote VPN connection (such as L2TP, IPsec VPN) but cannot access the internal LAN network resources. This article will outline possible reasons for this issue:

Answer :

  1. To check the security policy if the remote VPN IP range can access the LAN .
  2. To check the policy route or static route settings whether make the remote VPN IP range be passed through a specific routing path, so cannot reach the destination host IP address.
  3. If you can successfully ping the LAN/VLAN interface IP using the remote VPN IP, please check whether the destination host might be blocking traffic from its WAN interface(s), such as Windows Firewall features, etc., or if there are other possible reasons from the destination host's side.