What should I do if my Nebula NR7101’s Nebula Pro license can’t active?

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I have a base organization with 2 NWA50AX PRO. I add a new bundle Nebula NR7101 with the Nebula Pro License, however the Nebula Pro License is in inactive status. Why and how I can active the Nebula Pro license.?

Root cause

Its inactive status aligns with the policy. According to this policy, the Nebula Pro License remains inactive when you add the Nebula Pro license to a Base Org. Currently, your organization is a Base Org, containing 2x NWA50AX without the NCC Pro license.


To active the Nebula Pro License for your NR7101, you can refer to these methods:

  • Method 1: Transfer your NR7101 to a new organization that either exclusively contains Nebula NR7101 or includes devices all equipped with Nebula Pro licenses.
  • Method 2: Obtain Nebula Pro licenses for your current NWA50AXs, which will upgrade your organization to Pro status. Your organization will be considered a Pro Org once all devices within it have Nebula Pro Pack licenses.


Activating the Nebula Pro License for your NR7101 offers significant advantages. By either transferring the NR7101 to a Pro organization or upgrading your other devices to Pro status, you not only activate the NR710 license but also unlock the full potential of the Nebula Control Center. This provides enhanced network management capabilities, and access to advanced features for more efficient network administration.