Troubleshooting for When the AP Cannot Connect to Nebula with AP Web GUI

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Learn how to use the simplified web interface of the Access Point to troubleshoot connectivity issues with Nebula.


  1. Accessing the AP:
    • Connect to the AP using the management IP address from the DHCP server or the default IP address (
    • Log in using the device password from Nebula or the default AP password.
  2. Dashboard Overview:
    • Upon login, you'll see the device's cloud control panel.
    • The AP automatically checks each connection stage when going online with Nebula and displays the results in the web-based graphical user interface (GUI).
  3. Troubleshooting Steps:
    • The AP checks each connection stage and displays results in the GUI dashboard.
    • If a stage fails (indicated by an orange circle), the AP will not proceed to the next stage. Hover over the circle for detailed error information.
  4. Detailed Stage Explanation:
    a. Check "Internet" Connection:
    • Ensure the AP's uplink ethernet is correctly configured to connect to the internet.
    b. Check "Nebula" Connection:
    • Confirm traffic flow to the Nebula server and check for certificate issues or DNS query failures.
      • Confirm traffic flow to the Nebula server
        • Ensure that is accessible and confirm that traffic through ports 443, 4335, and 6667 is allowed.For detail: Please check on the table on nebula page > Help > Firewall information
    c. Check "Registration" Status:
    • Please Verify the AP's on your Nebula Organation/ Site.

Please refer to this article: