How to modify the AP management-VLAN settings via console when it loses connection with controller

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Scenario: When an AP is running in AP Controller (APC) managed mode, and you cannot access the local GUI to modify the management VLAN settings. This is particularly useful if the AP loses connection with the APC due to an incorrect IP configuration


  1. Remote into the AP via console cable.
  2. Enter Configuration Mode:

Router> configure terminal

3. Modify the management-VLAN:

Router(config)# capwap ap vlan [vlan-id] [tag/untag].
*Replace [vlan-id] and tag/untag with the expect values.

4. Wait until the settings apply, then enter 'write' CLI to keep the modification:

Router(config)# write

Note: This method provides a reliable way to manage VLAN settings remotely, especially in scenarios where direct access to the AP's GUI is not possible.