How to set up a Primary AP Controller when there are two controllers in the same network?

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Answer: Configuring a primary AP Controller in an environment with two controllers involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Login into the web GUI of one of your AP Controllers.
  2. Navigate to CONFIGURATION » Wireless » AP Management » AP Policy tab.
  3. In this section, look for the Force Overwrite AC IP Config on AP option. Ensure this is selected, and then set the 'Overwrite Type' to 'Manual'.
  4. Here, you'll need to enter the IP addresses for both the Primary and Secondary Controllers. Make sure these are correctly filled in according to your network setup.

Additionally, enable/disable the 'Fall back to Primary Controller when possible' feature based on your requirement.

This allows your APs to revert back to the primary controller if it becomes available again, and set the interval for this check based on your network's requirements.

  1. Click Apply to save and implement your changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively designate one of your AP Controllers as the primary controller, ensuring that your network is managed according to your specific requirements. This setup is essential for maintaining optimal network performance and reliability, especially in environments with multiple controllers.