How to resolve your Wi-Fi client cannot see the 6G radio SSID.

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Issue Description:

As the Wi-Fi 6E products become more and more popular, there are many users got the same issue, why cannot see the Wi-Fi 6E SSID or only connect to 2.4G or 5G even done the setting on AP and purchased new Wi-Fi 6E AP.


There some of the general reasons may cause you cannot see the Wi-Fi 6E SSID.

  1. Make sure that your region has supported 6GHz radio.
    You can check your computer provider website and search the 6G support list.
    2 Check your operation system version and make sure you have upgraded to the latest version.
    3 According to your computer provider, upgrade the BIOS version that needs to support Wi-Fi 6E.
    4 Check your Network adapter, whether it supports 6G radio and upgrade the network adapter firmware to the latest version.