GS1200-8 managed switch with Ubiquiti AP


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    Hello @pkarthikkn

    After switching to "load balance", have you noticed any improvement?

    If i don't connect the 1st port to my LAN on pfsense, there is no internet available

    ⇒ When you unplugged the LAN connection (from the pfSense router's LAN port to port 1 on the switch), did you also remove VLAN 1 from LAG2? If so, losing internet on VLAN 1 would be expected. Our earlier suggestion of removing VLAN 1 from LAG2 was intended to allow both LAN and LAG connections to coexist without conflict.

    Feel free to keep us posted if you have further problem.

    Zyxel Nami

  • pkarthikkn


    I didn't removed the LAGG, just the LAN. But I'm not getting the internet. Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and went out of country for few days. Will keep trying