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I have just setup my new Multy M1 set of 3. My problem is that the steady green light goes off after 2-3 minutes in the main router. I tried to find anything within the settings with no luck. The device is working OK, however the light is off like in a power saving mode or something. Is there a way to have it on permanently? Have in mind that the LED switch is on.

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    Hi @kvkpls

    There are no power settings available on the web GUI, except the physical LED switch.

    Please reset the Multy M1 device and reinstall it using a different Multy unit as the main one.

    Note: When changing to set up a different Multy unit as the main router, please remember to switch the power adapter as well.

    If the issue persists with the specific device, kindly reach out to local support for further assistance.

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