WSM20 router red and no web interface, but still routing


I have a strange issue with my WSM20.

I have 4 x wsm20 multy routers configured as a mesh, using the bridge option, with an upstream Mikrotik managing the internet connection and dhcp.

All was ok while the wsm20 IPs were assigned by DHCP (through mac reservations) from the upstream mikrotik.

But because I saw multiple disconnects in the log of my main WSM20 zyxel related to changed IP (it didn't change, but it was saying "restarting services", i change it to static IP, using the same parameters the router was getting from the mikrotik by dhcp.

After rebooting, the wsm20 starts up, gets to green light, and then after ~20 seconds turns red. At no point the wsm20 responds to ping requests anymore, and its web interface is no longer accesible. However, the device seems to be working ok, both when connecting to it by WiFi as well as LAN cable.

Performing an arp-ping on the IP seems to show that the device is actually responding.

Tried rebooting the wsm20 as well as the mikrotik with no improvement.

Any idea what might be wrong and how to fix it?

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    Hi @radoo ,

    To assist you more effectively, could you provide us with the following details:

    1. Your network topology, including the static IP settings and the configuration for connecting with MikroTik.
    2. Kindly share a screenshot of the LAN IP settings on your Multy M1 router.


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